08 May 2009

Guys and Dolls

Cookie and I had a fabulous time rolling on the bed last night without having to worry about being squeezed.

Yeah, M is away in Kuala Lumpur as we speak but we will have him back in physical company tonight - yeay!

In the office, I have been trying to sort out my working schedule to accomodate my current state. Whilst my mind is still young and raring to go, I find myself constantly battling people to get anywhere and it's something I have no inclination to fight for (at the moment). So, I may cut down my hours drastically until Cookie decides to join us here. :-)

In the meantime, I have been admiring these plushy bunnies - they are soo adorable!

(Images courtesy of Palomino Morgan)

I want them for me as much as I am tempted to get one for Cookie.


exponent said...

oh, they are really cute!

Inspira said...

I know...but I am trying not to get any toys for Cookie....hmm....this is failing me...hahahahah