03 May 2009


I constantly find myself at 10 at night, with my head half-way disappearing in the recesses of our fridge - not to cool myself in this rather hot and humid (and clammy) weather, but more in search of a food source.

My parents just popped by our apartment with food (chicken murtabak and fresh sugarcane juice which latter I have been meaning to have since early last week but too lazy to go get at lunch) - bless them. :-)

Now as I am about to dig into the food and juice, I can't help but wish I have these to taste :

(Images courtesty of Gumdrop Cookie Shop!)

They are real cookies, I assure you.

I may think twice about eating them pre-pregnancy (they look too beautiful!) but when you're hungry and pregnant, it's all about digesting them. I bet they taste as good as they look . . . ;-P


exponent said...

i'm still doing that... postpartum :P

Inspira said...

You should! And don't tell me about your pre vs post pregnancy waistline. You look like you're back to when you were. I'd probably have to fast and starve myself...hahahahaah