21 May 2010


Cake is always welcomed in our home.

Anytime of the day.

(Image courtesy of Whisk Kid)

For a while now, I've been obsessed with the rainbow cake. Almost dying to try a hand at baking sheet cakes and laying every single sheet atop a layer of buttercream frosting.

Purple. Blue. Red. Green. Yellow. All hues of the rainbow.

Then I got giddy (read : scared) from all that potentially (well, I know so) long patience-testing process. So, I kopped out and take to oggling pictures of rainbow cakes which other bloggers had a hand in baking.  

Cake will be had at Nad's party in 2 weeks. But of course!

But before I forget, happy belated birthday Exp!

And E, have a great birthday next week. :-)

1 comment:

exponent said...

thanks! we are having a birthday marathon here - haha!