02 June 2010


I've been neglecting this repository off-late.

Not done on purpose. Honest.

Family life and work commitments pulls me away. Time slips by rather quickly. Not that I am complaining.

Blogging here is an "escape" somewhat from my everyday sometimes ho-hum chaotic maddening life. M with his every other monthly craving for something chocolatey and fudgey; Nad on the verge of "indie steps/walks" (as Exp poetically puts it); Stairway and Empress bouncing of the walls either chasing each other around the home or dodging Nad's advances.

And boxes still unpacked. Yes. Boxes. Still around after 3 months. I have decided to leave them as they be under the staircase. I'll deal with them when I have the time.

With all the madness the last few months, it was a respite to escape to tea yesterday in honour of the birthday girl. All 365 days, this girl is. All almost-6-teethy grinning babe.

Happy Birthday my Love.

And, a pleasant surprise, CNN celebrated its 60th anniversary on the same day - 1 June.

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exponent said...

happy birthday Nadine! xoxo,
auntie exp