16 May 2010

Kooky Cakey Love

So we're almost there - with painting the laminated re-used study shelves and table.

I am excited. To finally see the books and magazines finally getting out of the confines of the cartons up in the guest bedroom.

Sometime this week. I am hoping.

But because I have been  busy sorting out the study and a few of the cabinets in the kitchen today, I need some disgression before I call it a day.

I loooovee these from Williams-Sonoma:

Call me a romantic (or a lazy git in this case) but waking up to pancakes in bed would be lovely. And to bite off Darth Vader's head is . . . er . . .  a geek's dream. :-)

And oh . . . I am seriously in love with these message-in-a-cookie cutters.


exponent said...

those message-in-a-cookie cutters were out of stock for so long... i'm glad they are bringing them back!!!

Inspira said...

I know I know! I kept checking back to see if they have stock...I hope I am one of thr 1000 Amex customers who can purchase for free international delivery. heh --> me = cheapo.

Madison said...

Thanks for showing those cookie cutters. I have to have those!

Inspira said...

Oh Madison, how lucky for you and those who live in the US to have such an easy access to these cool things....I am crazy jealous!