16 April 2010

Razzle Dazzle

In the office and dreaming of the apartment.

I have to start working on the study. Seriously. That means, getting the roller brush and start painting the built-in-study which we had our carpenter dismantle in our old apartment study and built back into our new apartment study.

I never thought custom built cabinetry can be dismantled and re-assembled.

Now I know! It's a lot of savings. And since we've only used it for 3 years, still in pretty good condition - it just needs a new facelift. Lavender is not our thing in the new apartment.

So yes, back to painting the study.

Or maybe tackling something simple. Something which will take half a day at most.

Like painting and wallpapering the staircase handrails.

When I was in London sometime ago, I purchased 2 rolls of Julien MacDonald's Dazzle wallpaper. In black and silver.

The same wallpaper which I purchased. Exact design and colour. 
(Image courtesy of Select Wallpaper)

Close up of wallpaper pattern.
(Image courtesy of House to Home)

I'm toying with wallpapering the handrails with these.

Too much, you think?

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