15 April 2010

Dot (.)

I've been feeling lazy. Even though I have all these bursts of energy and swirls of creative surges ocassionally.

What's new?

Now that the contractors have changed the kitchen doors (no more handles - yeay!! - trust me, when you have kids, anything peeking out of cupboard doors are like shiny new objects to birds), I dream of sorting out the kitchen ware.

But wait. Not now. Not with Nadine crawling around. And M away in KL.

But I have all this pent up energy.

I think I will march upstairs and sort out my sweetie's (and by that I mean the 10-month-old and not the XX year old one - either way, both are the loves of my life) clothes which she is continually outgrowing.

Will. Be. Back. Soon.




exponent said...

yay on the cabinet doors!

Inspira said...

I know! I love....:-) Didn't change the vanity cupboards though cos' she's banned from that area alone. hahahaa