26 February 2010

a requiem

sometimes a friendship is dead and we only found it to be so after much later. spooky as that sounds, but a friendship that's rotting to the bone is as much a skeleton as any others in the closet. after i had "broken it off" with a friend for close to 3 years, i sometimes still wonder if i had done the right thing, if ethically, i'd been pond scum to "disappear" by ignoring emails. there was a time we'd been close and then, there was the dishonesty and finally there was me feeling very drained after each conversation. and so i thought i'd better end it in case i decided to eat her alive and spit her out due to indigestion. i know, i'm starting to sound like an ogre. but, there are many instances up till now, where i would think that perhaps i wasn't friend enough to stand by her. perhaps the problem was just me. so after reading this from GOOP, i do feel better - for some reason or another. and perhaps you had similar experiences... and if so, i'd like to pass it along :)

p.s. yes, GOOP is my guilty pleasure.

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