19 February 2010

Askinosie Chalklate

Please excuse me - I have a lot going on my plate the last few months.

This is long overdue.

See, my sweet most greatest and obliging boss (the same one who piles on me file after file and dodge client calls only to let me handle them and yet lets me take off to be home with kiddo) gave me a box of chocolate for Christmas last year.

I got excited.

Just look at the packaging:

The taste? I don't know.

You see - whilst sorting out and trying to empty out our fridge for the move, I forgot that I didn't pack it in to bring to my mom's (where we are putting up for the month) and M, thinking that it was expired, threw it away.

The unopened lovely box which chocolate taste I can now only imagine saw the bottom of the wastebin.

With the apartment renovations coming along nicely, I think I will buy a box in March as a pressie for myself. For surviving the renovations.

Psst . . . did you know that Askinosie Chocolate is started up by a criminal defense lawyer? Apt pressie, you think? :-P


~e~ said...

Try the dark milk with fleur de sel!

exponent said...

if i ever come across the choc, i'll think of you :)

Inspira said...

~e~ Thanks for the tip! Will try it when I go to the shop. :-)