01 March 2010

Baby Love

Having spent an afternoon out here with my girlfriends (one of whom is a mother to an almost 5-year-old whilst the other is still single and available *ahem*), I realise that I am pretty much relaxed with the way I raise my baby. Well . . . somewhat.

I've let Nadine played on the floor at a cafe whilst us adults are having a coffee break. I've let her crawl around in the mall at a spot (where there is a relatively small stream of human traffic) - I just make sure to grap her when the crowds get bigger so she doesn't get in the way or vice versa. She draws the table with the teething biscuits - the same ones which would have already been in her mouth a minute before and which same ones are going back into her the abyss of her mouth after the said "drawing" sessions. I have to say that M is a bit more uptight about what we've (okay, me really) let our baby done in public. Health risks. Hygiene issues. You name it.

It's not that I'm careless. Or lazy. I do care about what she eats for her meals and in-between snacks. Her hygiene. How she socialise and interracts with other people. At the same time, I don't want to be too uptight that I am squeezing the joy of her being a baby/tike/kiddo.

So from her parent who had playground sand as an in-between snack 30+ years ago, "Nad, explore, explore, explore (as long as you don't put that 3d looking tuft of is-that-hair!! in your mouth."


exponent said...

you meant tumbleweeds of pet hair? christian simply loves them :P

mini said...

germs help build up immunity! :) as long as it's not something totally nasty lah haha

agreat said...

There are two kinds of germs, bad germs and good germs, just make sure your baby gets most of the good ones rather than the bad ones.
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Web Development said...

I do agree that germs help build up immunity, too clean, too sanitized is not that good.