07 December 2009

Dead Man Walking

I lamented to Exp last week at tea how dead my current watch is:

Technically, not dead. Just that every single part of the watch is falling apart. :-(

Dubbed "Tank" by M, this watch has seen me through a good (and bad) 13 years of my life. I shower, sleep, dive, eat with it.

Not since Nadine, have I ever taken it off longer than 24 hours.

Although I have 2 other girly watches, I need a tough one that can take the knocks of everyday life I go through.

Another Seiko? Or should I go with this this time around?


exponent said...

i'm amazed by the fact that you actually live with it

Inspira said...

*gulp* Yup. I still cannot get used to not wearing a watch after 6 months of going without it when I am actively taking care of Nad.