06 December 2009

Ethical Ethos

I am married to a fiercely opinionated man.

"Tough" - a few of you may say when I (admittedly) share sometimes. Over the years, I have come to love this same man more for the very fact that he has fierce, never failing opinions about his beliefs.

I would say that it is because of M that I am more aware of world topics that I choose not to be bothered with. When before, I would eat anything produced by Cadbury or Nestle or have my (then) favourite cuppa from Starbucks without batting an eyelid, now, I read and educate myself ferociously before settling on anything.

These days, I do tend to spend a bit more on the essentials. Like 100% recycled toilet paper (do we need 100% virgin pulp to clean our arses --> they go down the drains anyway), kinder nappies for the baby (it takes at least 100 years to break down a normal nappy. 100 years, people! My baby would either (a) be a really old, cane-stick assisted walking great-grandmother or (b) dead.)

And yes, whilst I have given up the luxury of Movenpick ice-cream and other equally exorbitantly priced mass-produced chocolates and the likes of Cadbury and Nestle, it wasn't long before I settled on Green & Black's and now Willie Harcourt-Cooze's baby:-

(At under GBP6.00 for 180g of pure cacao at Selfridges, I was hyperventilating in the foodhall aisle when I first laid eyes on this baby.)

It's not just about global warming. It's about ethical consumerism.


exponent said...

why are cadbury, nestle and starbucks bad?

Inspira said...

Exp: It's really a personal choice, from the way I see it. Cadbury = gearing. Nestle = a looong list of corporate crimes (one of them re. in the 70s, unethical marketing of infant milk better than breast milk). Starbucks, for its piling employee issues and the long list of comments the CEO made re. the issues re. Palestine and Israel. The last issue, not that I am siding with anyone but I cannot be supporting a brand that openly puts the other one down without facts.

exponent said...

inspira, gotcha. here's one more

~e~ said...

Ooh! I saw that discovery channel programme on willie's chocolate factory! How's it taste?

Inspira said...

~e~ - the delectables are great - not bitter at all seeing the cacao content and not sweet either. Heavenly. I have yet to use the baking version of the cacao so can't comment. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect recipe to use this with. :-)