08 December 2009

the colors of a boy

turquoise celing and "grey-taupish" walls, mustard, dark wood and rustic floors

studio violetsmallable

I'm so loving the juxtaposition of dark and light wood - like this saab roadster

smallable playsamsmallable playsam 2

{first image from studio violet, others from smallable via emmas}


Inspira said...

I want want the motorcar..Too small for me, you think?

And oh....I haven't veto-ed M's suggestion to yellow gold in in Nad's room but I was playing with the greying-taupe walls as our floors are old greyish looking...hahahahah.

I will be grey-ed out at the end of this home project! lol

exponent said...

haha, that's funny - i'm already feeling too "wintry" for my own taste - looking to colors for inspiration now....