03 September 2009

lifestyle crafts

I think this post will blow Inspira's mind - as did mine. It's a little kit you buy to letterpress your way to textural heaven, all in the comfort of your home. Though not a C&P, but modernity has its own charm too. Available at Lifestyle Crafts.


Inspira said...

OMG! Gotta have one!

Alamak..checked online and not out yet....Hmm....M.U.S.T. buy it. NEvermind that I will probably use it after we move to our new place but 'eck - GOTTA have it! *going bonkers and salivating at the same time*

~e~ said...

wow, looks cool! :)

inspira - have you tried out your gocco yet?

Inspira said...

~e~ I haven't. :-( I got a few cards designed though but haven't had time to myself to gocco them what with Nadine/festivities and flat issue. Hopefully, soon cos' I am getting antsy!