27 August 2009

Chocolate Dreams

It's been a l.o.n.g week.

Thankfully, I am taking the day off tomorrow.

We're going interior designer/general contractor "shopping". I'm not exactly sure why we are shopping for an interior designer considering we do have somewhat of a hazy picture in our heads of what the interior of our new home will be. Maybe it's because I needed a fresh perspective. I need to get all excited again about our future new home.

I also hope to have an hour or so at midday tomorrow to see my nieces perform a ballet at China Square Central. Not a proper ballet recital. More of a fun kindergarden/nursery performance. I'm so proud of them. And all of the rest of my nieces and nephews.

Anyways - this is sounding like a boring report card entry - got to sign off. Better start packing the diaper bag. Our day will start at 9am tomorrow.

Maybe, before then, a piece of brownie I baked a few days ago is in order . . .

Or maybe I will dream of the souffle I tried my hand on a week ago, which obviously didn't look appetising as the ones those men (and women) in aprons whip up in their kitchens!

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