17 August 2009

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I have good friends.

Throughout my "drama-mama" wailing episode, my friends popped emails and messages which somehow made me realise that although I lost that opportunity to make an offer to purchase that "dream" apartment, all is not lost.

Having said that though, I really needed that time to cry my heart out what Exp eloquently said - ". . . to let the negative energy drain away . . .".

So yes, I am feeling much better now and looking forward to tomorrow and what it will bring with it.

Thank you my friends.


exponent said...


glad you are feeling better :)

Inspira said...

Thanks sweets. I operated somewhat normally after 3 days of crying. I know I am crazy to be crying that much cos' of an apartment. I think pregnancy and giving birth has left me a tad bit more emotional than I already have been.

exponent said...

I understand :) it's been 5 months postpartum for me and i don't think my hormones have packed their bags yet - lol!