12 August 2009

Heart Rules

Today I realise something about myself.

+ That I am a highly emotional and intuitive person.
+ That most of my positive actions are based on what I feel and not what I process in my head.
+ That the decisions I make based on how I feel have always served me right.

Today, I learned that about myself in a tough way - we lost the 2 shortlisted apartments I had my heart set on.

How come?

Because I listened to someone else's intellectual rationale to wait a while longer just in case there's something better out there.

Whilst trying to hone my intellectual rationale, I lose sight that that something better was what I had set my heart in the first place. So please excuse me while I bury myself in a hole and cry my heart out.

Learning about oneself is not easy as I continuously find out.


~e~ said...


I hope something else comes up soon that also speaks to your heart.

Good luck! *hugz*

exponent said...


sorry about what happened. but you'll grow stronger and more confident about your thoughts and feelings, i'm sure.

sending fairy dust your way...