18 September 2009

draft tokyo

leaving for tokyo in a day or slightly 30 hours...
last minute trip - leaves me scrambling ... tokyo - please be baby-friendly!
wish us luck!

still trying to draft an itinerary:
naive's lo-fi tokyo
lemon and diamond's shop tokyo
design*sponge's tokyo guide


Sincerely Me said...

I live here and your gonna love it!! Enjoy!

Inspira said...

Oooh lucky you!! Enjoy your trip!! How long are you guys going to be gone for?

exponent said...

Sincerely Me - Thanks for your comment. I love your blog and am going to hunt down those Harajuku girls - haha!

Inspira - 5 nights. Baby C has been keeping us up last night - you think he's just as excited???

~e~ said...

sent you some stuff.. check your email! :)

exponent said...

thanks ~e~ for the fantastic tips!