16 September 2009

Apple of my eye

It seems to be the flu season.

Flu struck Nadine early last week. Then whilst staying home to care for the lil' bub, I fell ill. Somehow, while M showed symtoms of contracting it, he managed to keep it at bay. Good thing he's been in KL the last 2 nights.

Then today, my sister's maid got ill. Hmm . . . . a pattern is surfacing here.

So I stayed home today. At least I get to spend a bit more time with the lil' fella now that I'm back to work almost full time. Time flies and she's growing up ever so quickly!

Fast forward 7 hours and I finally have some time to myself to really unwind.

Did Nadine's laundry. Went on all fours and scrubbed the ensuite toilet. And then after a good cold shower (it's been a really hot and humid day!), I baked a batch of applesauce muffins.

Next on my agenda would be caramel ginger cake. Just the thought of it is making me salivate. :-P

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