20 September 2009

Salam Eid ul-Fitri

Today marks the end of Ramadan.

We started our 1st day of Syawwal at my mom's congregating with my sister and her family, before heading off to visit other relatives.

Thankfully, Nadine has been behaving despite being dressed in a cute white frock for the 2nd time in a week.

For prosterity, we had a decent photo taken of us:-

Flashback 24 hours prior, my sister and I spent a couple of hours at the nursery, picking our flowers to liven up our homes for the festivities:- 

(The loot from the nursery for my mom, sister and me)

(Failed miserably at a modern calla lilies and bear grass arrangement attempt)

(Ornamental cabbage - too pretty to ignore. You can eat them as I found out. Our furballs are enjoying nibbling them!)

(Hydrangeas --> pretty)

Hmmm . . . I just realised that I the flowers are in shades of purple.

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exponent said...

so pretty - i love the callas :)