06 July 2009


After Nadine's morning feeds, I usually have a couple of hours to get everything organised. Laundry, cleaning, etc.

This morning, I thought I would give baking a whirl.

Nothing too complicated. Muffins are perfect, in this case. And today, cinnamon blueberry muffins was on the menu. 10 minutes to get the batter all ready and 35 minutes in the oven.

When the timer went off, it was time for Nadine's feed.

Easy peasy.


exponent said...

way to go, super mom! ... hmm, although, you should've sent some over :P

e said...

mmm, look yummie...

Inspira said...

Thanks guys. I made 12. Gave 4 to my mom and I think M had 3 at most, so the rest ended up in my tummy...I think...lol