08 July 2009

Cha Cha

I have been rather adventurous.

Not sure why I am on this epicurean journey in our kitchen off late . . .

Just now, I had a bowl of delicious bubur cha cha which I whipped up in the kitchen a while ago. Sweet Potato, yam and tapico flour, all in a bowl of coconut cream sweetened with light muscovado sugar (my sugar switch from what the recipe usually calls for).

I have a pan of flourless chocolate brownie in the oven but I don't think that's panning (pardon the pun) out, seeing how I don't see any "baking action". I swear I am swearing off any baking recipe which screams "flourless".

Back to the books - I am determined to get a recipe for kick-arse chocolate brownie (the kind that's almost gooey) else M is going to be harping and pining for it forever.

I can take a month old baby wailing for milk. I don't think I can stomach a grown man pining for chocolate brownie.

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exponent said...

mmmm, i love those tapioca bits.