08 July 2009

ball and chain no more

alimrose designs by little styles

coney island ceramics

my maternity leave ends today and i'm going back to work tomorrow. i'd more or less started work while i was on leave and my job allows me to slowly ease back into the routine with a lot of flexibility with regards to "clocking-in" and "clocking-out". i'm blessed in that way, save for summer internships, i never had a desk-bound job. i'll miss my little squirt but frankly i miss having structure in my days too. Admittedly, compared to Inspira, i'm less accomplished throughout my leave. I can count with one hand (my husband will also gladly do this) the number of times I cooked. When my babe naps, so would I. And even when I'm not really sleepy, I would surf the web, read or stare at him while he sleeps (lol - i'm a stalker in that sense). So, i got away with not caring what day it was, what time it was. And that unstructured life is nice only to a certain extent. i miss the satisfaction of drawing up to-do lists and crossing them out. so tonight, i feel slightly accomplished - my work bag is packed, and i already have a nice little to-do list drawn up for tomorrow's return to the office. i know i'm going to cross it out really quickly too - if there was a change in me after birth, it's that i'm hyper productive now because i want to rush home to cuddle my little babe.

so, motherhood and career... i've had my ball and chain moments when i started embarking on either route. but now they'd made peace with my stubborn brain quite nicely. which might explain why i'm loving jailbird stripes now. top - alimrose designs at little styles ; bottom - coney island ceramic ice-cream and milkshake mugs from cupcake courier.

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Inspira said...

I so miss work, as strange as it sounds coming from me.

And I so do love stripes. It's such a happy pattern which reminds me of the boardwalk carnivals.