14 July 2009

C'est la vie

I'm looking forward to the thanksgiving celebration this weekend honouring Nadine.

My mom is arranging everything.

Yup. You didn't read wrong. I had no part in any of the planning. My mom is arranging everything. All I need to do is be home with M. With Nadine of course.

I know it sounds strange coming from a control freak but I figure, this is the one time, I can let go of the issues I have about making sure everything is in its place. I want to be able to enjoy the day with M and Nadine and our family and friends, without having to worry about whether the food is running out, the colours are coordinated . . . etc . . . There's only so much I can do to make sure everything is going to be ok.

Ultimately, the little surprising hiccups along the way makes for a good story to tell to Nadine when she's older. (Yes, I am still trying to convince myself of that . . . as you can see, I am still struggling with the control issues.)

Life is about living.

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sky said...

we can't wait to see Nadine and you guys :)