02 July 2009

All Shook! Up

As mentioned in my previous post, multi-tasking takes me to a whole different playing field.

Here I am at dinner at Shook! (we are all in Kuala Lumpur for a few days as I post) with Nadine in my arms.

Nadine was cranky (she has colic) and the only way to soothe her was to carry her in my arms.

But I was also hungry. It didn't help that I ordered a dish that requires 2 hands to eat. Thankfully, the soba stayed delicious even when cold.

I've always loved to push the envelope - my glorious best at multi-tasking, so far:

Ps. This "stunt" was performed under strict control. ie. the noodles/soup has been left sitting there for 45 minutes in cold blaring air-conditioner = cold. Never ever attempt this with hot food, please. It's more for your child's safety than your need to satisfy your hunger.


mini said...

lol !! pretty impressive hehe

exponent said...