20 July 2009

Floral Ambitions

After our quickie (but oh so orgasmically enthralling) Arab Street shopping, I went berserk at the nursery.

I don't know what possessed me to grab bouquets of spider mum and eustoma. Perhaps the wholesale prices drove me to the edge. (In case you are interested, I got 40 stalks of spider mums and maybe, 40 stalks of eustoma all for under $30).

All in shades of green, I subconsciously chose.

I am determined to make a monthly trip out to the nursery to get my floral fix.


exponent said...

i was wondering where you got the mums! they were gorgeous :) it was fun seeing you guys on sun!

Inspira said...

It was great seeing you guys too..and Christian! He is a total hit with my friends! :-)

Maybe we can meet for brunch sometime (before the fasting period) with Elaine and our hubs and brood?

exponent said...

yes, yes, yes! We are craving adult conversations :D