18 July 2009

Arab Street

I finally managed to convince M to drive Nadine and I to . . . drum roll please . . . Arab Street.

My absolute favourite street. Arab Street.

You can call me the Arab Street stalker if you wish but yes, I am enthralled by the bales of fabric available on this sleepy yet thriving five-foot-way of a street.

I can spend hours on this street just admiring the prints and patterns of the fabrics; feeling the fabrics against my skin; choosing the appropriate shades of the fabrics. So you can only imagine just how much M whinge each time at the mere mention of the street(!).

But today, M came with us. And he even went shopping.

Albeit, we went into our favourite shop on Arab Street (the same shop where we got that almost elusive perfect shade of purple sewn into our traditional malay dress and suit for our pre-wedding shoot, that same shop where we stopped by for a pre-wedding shoot) and spent all of 10 minutes choosing a cross shade of khaki/gold silk dupioni.

And because M was sweet enough to come Arab Street shopping with us (technically just me since my sweet angel was fast asleep in her stroller), I didn't stroll further down the street looking for fabric in a somewhat matching shade.

Oh well, another day then. :-)


exponent said...

i laughed out loud - M whinges?!?

Inspira said...

Yes he does! Only when I mention Arab Street. And oh..Spotlight! lol

M said...

"we went into our favourite SHOP on..."? Hello?? I don't have favourite SHOPs in Arab St - I only go there for the FOOD!!!

Inspira said...

Woopsie! Touchy touchy aren't we? Freudian slip lah...MY favourite store....happy now? Bleah...