21 July 2009

book city jackets

book city jackets 3

bookshelf set book covers by Book City Jackets. Available through Amazon or their storefront. They ship internationally. there's something romantic & nostalgic about kraft paper. i love that it's 100% recycled content. {via Home Beautiful}


Inspira said...

I soo agree! It's incredibly old-school. And pair that with baker's twine...*swoon*

Ps. you're tempting me!

exponent said...

brown paper packages tied up with strings... la lalala

where can we get baker's twine in singapore?

Inspira said...

...these are a few of my favourite things...

Checked...I've not come across any. Just the usual hemp ones available here. :-(

BCJ said...

Thanks for kind words about Book City Jackets -- We really appreciate it.

There's definitely a nostalgic aspect to our covers -- in fact, it's a tradition in the U.S for students to cover their textbooks with brown paper bags, which was the inspiration for Book City Jackets.

We're releasing our first Artists Edition in the next few days -- these will consist of three original drawings and will really turn books into pieces of art. It's kind of like a temporary tattoo for your book. I'll be sure to let you know when they're available.

By the way, for international shoppers it's best to use our storefront (and not Amazon).

Thanks again!

Jeremy @ Book City Jackets