21 June 2009


In between pumping (breast milk), making formula milk, changing diapers, giving the fur-children a rub down, feeding and talking to our fur/children, I have been thinking a lot about our future new home.

I don't know how I manage to have insane thoughts of viewing apartment after apartment and then, going through a (potentially deadly) renovation, but we're so ready to move out (from our current home) and give our fur/children a bigger area to roam about (sorry girls - you'd have to wait till when we move to the great outdoors down under before you can roll about the grass and have a good taste of dirt in your mouths. And that includes you, Nadine.).

And strangely, it's not so much of how I want to (interior) decorate the new home, but rather what we can do and/or incorporate into our new home to function as a more eco-friendly living space. That without having to break the bank (or rob it) and/or sell my soul to the devil. Not too much to ask for, I hope.

To start, we're bringing with us, our furniture (even our pre-loved sofa which obviously will need fresh upholstery made). Why chuck perfectly good furniture when they only need a fresh outlook? I am even loving the old-new cupboards in the nursery-guest room (see here) to not want them chucked out for our new home.

And the rest of our current practices will spill over to our new home: eco-friendly/energy saving light bulbs, recycling etc.

I know there's a lot more I can do and at this point. Though I would love to trawl the silicon highway for more eco-friendly renovation/interior processes/methods, time however, is not my friend. But, please, send comments and ideas and links on eco-living etc my way.

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