01 March 2009


Exp and I are currently discussing living an eco-friendly way of life.

Married to a fiercely eco guy and almost 27 weeks pregnant, I have been thinking alot about doing more towards improving my way of life. Doing my bit towards improving this planet's "health" for Cookie's future, if not for ours.

And trust me, living in a high-rise building on this island is not really the most ideal of places to start but everyone has to start somewhere. And I would like to think we have. Every little action counts.

For starters, we go grocery-shopping with our own bags. I actually use my bag with no regrets.

We dump our empty plastic and glass bottles into our own recycling bin (and do our weekly clean out into the recycling bins our town council provides in our estate - the "garment" is starting to sit up and do something!).

We use eco-friendly/biodegradable floor cleaner and 2-ply-recycled paper toilet paper that don't cost an arm and a leg to purchase from neighbourhood-friendly supermarket near our home.

My Japanese bambo plants are almost dying. I think. That or they've got some kind of bug. There's an old malay wives' saying to water plants with water used to wash rice to keep them healthy. Why not? I'm recyling. And my plants are now getting a bit better. Maybe there's a truth in the old malay wives' saying.

Of course, our old statements and bills are now meeting our non-confidential printing needs at home.

Best of all, today, I get to recycle our week old bread --> I finally got round to baking bread and butter pudding. And it turned out delicious, if I do say so myself. :-)

Every little bit counts.

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exponent said...

looks so yummy! and the green conversations were so great :)