02 March 2009

the wriggling doesn't stop

my baby doesn't sleep and so i don't get to sleep.

my shopping list for the nursery (if we had one - the cot and the baby dresser will be in two different rooms) is almost, almost obsolete - i had fervently drawn up the list and am now developing a hearty penchant in crossing it out - much to my satisfaction and relief and delight and pride.

and just when i thought i was going to get some blogging done... i'm suddenly feeling extremely tired - in pregnancy (and i think in parenting) - if i were ever to write a book, it'll probably be entitled:

what not to expect when you are expecting

i'll continue my post tomorrow - maybe

p.s. my bébé is still rolling and wriggling


Inspira said...

You were up at 2?!?! You have to start resting and sleeping more in the day to compensate for the lack of sleep at night sweetie.

e said...

All that wiggling is him trying to find the exit.

exponent said...

he's enough of mommy, he's looking for daddy

exponent said...

inspira - what can i say, he's taken over my body and mind!

Inspira said...

Bebe will love it out here. Tumbleweeds and all. :-)