31 May 2009


It's 0840 hours and yes, I am still home.

Cookie's estimated due date has come and gone. 30 May 2009 it was supposed to be.

No matter. As long as she's happy playing in this wonderful pool of water. Free-rent is always a good thing in my books. :-)

Anyhoo, I have about 12 hours. Before I admit myself into the hospital to get myself induced with prostin so that the complications of going into labour with a 3.4kg baby can be reduced and/or avoided.

Yes folks . . . Cookie weighed 3.4kg at the last gynae appointment on Wednesday. A monstrous 1.2kg jump from 3 weeks prior. And it got me worried and guilty (although I have been REALLY good with what I eat and only ocassionally indulge in unhealthy bite-sized portions of foods only in M's presence).

I'm not too worried about being induced.

But I am looking at admitting into the hospital with a whole different outlook.

My emotions are a mix of excitement and fear. I think it has a lot to do with my not-knowing what to expect. My usually obsessive compulsive behaviour and control issues -> I think I need to check those at the door before I step into the hospital.

What did they teach you at antenatal classess? B.R.E.A.T.H.E.

And oh, before I head off . . . M and I had a wonderful time on 30 May 2009.

We met up with Poppy and her parents for tea here.

And a few hours before, M helped me put the doors (note the accidentally quirky placements of the door knobs!) to the re-finished cupboards yesterday.

30 May 2009 was eventful with Cookie being celebrated in all we did!


exponent said...

E and I are super excited for you guys!

p.s. why does poppy look more confident than M in M's "manhandling"? ;)

Inspira said...

LOL. Poppy was distracted and kept looking away (at M's lil' stubble) and M and Poppy's dad was trying to get her attention to the camera. lol