03 June 2009


Nadine Almas Noor Huda.

She literally popped right into our world.

In 25 minutes.

After labour pains of 16 hours, that is. But it was worth it.

It's nearly 24 hours since we brought her home and apart from the first night together trying to get used to parenthood, we are slowly trying to work out a system. M and I and the fur-children.

It's rediscovering, relearning and re-adjusting our lives again.

And in case you're wondering, "Nadine" is hope in Hebrew and Arabic. "Almas" is diamond in Arabic (and is also my mother-in-law's middle name) "Noor" means light in Arabic (and is also my dad's middle name).


e said...

Whoa so cute! We can't wait to meet her!!!

eric said...
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exp said...

yeah! is it "cutie-pie" or cutie times 3.14159


Inspira said...

Thanks guys! M remarked that she has all my features but all of his temperament - I think so too. I'd be too difficult to handle(!) LOL. And she looks much cuter after a good bath at home.. :-)

exponent said...

i can't wait to meet and hug her!!!

she looks so adorable :) :) :)

hope you are keeping well sweetie.

~e~ said...

Congrats to you and M! She's such a sweetie, and looks just like you! :) Can't wait to meet her!

mini said...

awwww she is the cutest!!! congrats xoxoxo

mini said...

ps. and her name is beautiful! :D

Inspira said...

Thanks everyone! :-) Nadine's changing by the day --> maybe, the amount of milk she's getting? *gulp*