02 April 2009


With M home (at last!) for the next few weeks (before he has to travel again for another week), I have some time for myself this weekend (and next!) to do my own thing without having to worry that the rest of the family (our furballs included) are taken care of. Ok. Maybe I really mean, I-don't-have-to-worry-incessantly-whether-I-have-got-M's-and-the-furballs'-needs-taken-care-of.

And . . . with M enlisting help from my brother to turn that guest room around in time for Cookie's arrival in 8 weeks (YIKES! I haven't got anything remotely ready for the nursery!), I can safely say that I am starting on this hanging mobile project.

Then maybe this:

(Image courtesy of Living Creatively)

(I have to admit I was smitten by the new Japanese fabrics I laid eyes (and fingers on) whilst trawling Arab Street last weekend, that I have decided that I will purchase a few metres of them to sew sheets for the cot. Perhaps pillows. Something. Anything!)

And oh, I have started sketching/doodling to jumpstart my Gocco love.

M, Exp, Mini and ~e~ will be the first "victims" of my love. Hopefully.


~e~ said...

i'm a willing victim!

Inspira said...

I'm thinking floral/filigree for you, ~e~. :-)

sky said...

can't wait to see your labor of love :)

Adora said...

somebody's so having the nesting syndrome!