18 February 2009

Oh Love!

At the end of the 2 weeks packed with adrenalin and excitement plotting in secret with E and ~e~ to throw Exp a baby shower, I feel buzzed and energised. I guess the adrenalin has not left this mortal body just yet.

As a few of you may already know by now, we're trying to get on the move of things to "tear out" our current guest room and convert it to a nursery-cum-guest room. (Nevermind that no guest will probably ever stay over for fear of a wailing baby. Not for the few months after May anyway.)

Our lilac-awash current guest room has taken a life of its own in 2.5 years. (Read: piled old clothes, extra pillows and cushions packed in my 10-year-old cupboards etc).

Our BIG todo list (which hopefully gets completed end April):

+ send old clothes to Salvation Army;
+ send current bed to storage;
+ send old cupboards for recycling;
+ repaint walls
+ purchase new cupboards/baby dresser etc
+ purchase sofa-bed
+ sew new panel curtains
+ assemble cot
+ purchase knick-knacks to make room feel comfortable

In between all that though, I hope I can start on a hanging mobile project. Like this I saw from Pottery Barn Kids:

I reckon though that Stairway and Empress will have as much fun with the hanging mobile as Cookie. :-P


exponent said...

thanks for the shower, i'm still thinking about it :D

I'll be happy to help you sew some hearts (shameless offer - haha) or shop with you at spotlight for fabric :)

Inspira said...

We had fun executing the baby shower. :-)

LOL. I'm still best buds with procrastination at this point. Have done zilch with the room - didn't even go to Ikea! Horror of all horrors...hahahaha