16 March 2009

Love on the Go(cco)

It all began with my self-evaluation phase.

I knew I wanted to do something more creative to keep me sane in my day job. Something that will keep me on my toes to appreciate and love what I normally do to bring home the bacon (metaphorically speaking, of course) more.

It sounds almost selfish having articulated that after a few weeks of rationalising and processing that in my head and convincing myself of that next step.

Oh well.

So, I contemplated - naively, I might add, out loud on my
facebook profile - on purchasing the Gocco PG-5. Pretty harmless. I even checked out the sellers on etsy and eBay but held back - sometimes, I rationalise too long and too hard. That can be a bad thing (read : almost always, the print machines were bought by someone else when I finally decided to plunge and burn a huge hole in my pocket).

Anyways, I had a back up plan. I have always been good at silkscreen printing. I could do that on paper. Paper allows me control. Fabric drives me up the wall.

So, 6 maybe even 7 weeks later in Sydney, at the stroke of midnight, M quietly kissed and wished me a good birthday and slipped me a card with a printout of

I was gobsmacked and fell silent (I have to admit that I was feeling depressed at the thought of spending my birthday alone in Sydney with M gone from morning till evening for a conference). M had spent all that time since my contemplation, researching where to purchase that piece of almost extinct piece of print machine(!) for my birthday gift. I felt stupid and awful right then for even feeling depressed. M had done all that. For me. Me? ME?! ME!

My birthday turned out beautiful.

Not for the fact that I finally got my very own print machine from here:

Or the fact that on my birthday, the sun decided to come out and play after hiding the last 2 days prior to my birthday.

It's the fact that M sneaked out from the conference a few hours earlier to spend with me, what's left of the sunshine in Sydney for the day.

I love you sweetie.


exponent said...

awww, so sweet!

Inspira said...

I know! I'm really fortunate (and grateful) and cannot fathom sometimes, how somebody like me (with my constant nagging, bugging, sulking) can be loved by someone like him. :-)

exponent said...

Is that you or the hormones speaking? You are so crazy sometimes :) You are one of the most lover-ly persons out there :D