15 March 2009

Beauty of Love

M and I did nothing on a what started out as a beautiful sunny day back in Singapore, at home. Chilling. With Stairway and Empress.

It's raining now.

I love the smell of rain. The distant occasional sounds of thunder shattering the peace of the quiet afternoon with M napping and the cats sleeping.

A few weeks before I turned 34 - gosh, I can't believe how old I am right now! - I went through a self-evaluation phase.

And though it took me a long to see it then, I realise now that what I love, is what I do. Be it, my day-job, my side projects, etc.

The Persian poet Rumi reminds us to "let the beauty of what you love be what you do".

(Image courtesy of LookyLoo via etsy)

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