21 March 2009

i AM

Look what Exp sent me in the mail :

I have so many thoughtful friends, I am fortunate and am beyond words to show how grateful I am to be blessed with them as friends.

The book will be put to good use what with my recent revelation that I do want to do something with my life apart from going to the office to bring home the bacon. I mean, I have talent darnnit! And though M has been telling (convincing, really) the same thing the last 8 years, I have always thought that someone else is always more talented than I am.

I realise now that I am my own person and I can make full use of my talent to my ability.

With help from M and a few good friends, of course.


exponent said...

bon voyage on your creative journey!

Inspira said...

Thanks sweets! I am slowly getting round to doing the basics. Research. Research. Research. :-)