06 September 2008

Saturday Night Life

M and I had a day out today.

Just us. Hanging out. No real destination. No real agenda. It's nice to just chill.

Holding hands. Seemingly in our own worlds in the bustling street downtown.

We meandered into the supermarket and left, amongst other grocery, 5 succulent scallops.

The scallops would make beautiful starters at dinner tonight.

M prepared them beautifully. They were explosive and melted in my mouth.

An hour later, I made dessert for 2 under 15 minutes.

Sauteed peaches with home-made caramel. Infused with fresh basil. Topped with vanilla ice-cream. ~ Inspira


mini said...

I like how you added basil to the peaches! YUM!

Inspira said...

The basil makes all the difference! :-)

~e~ said...

making me hungry!!

Sky said...