10 September 2008

Project : Love

It's going to be a busy few weeks ahead until I leave for London towards the end of October.

It's my best-friend's sister's wedding on 9th October. Doreen is a sweet little girl who has blossomed into a woman.

I've been tasked to make the wedding's card/ang-pow box to match the wedding theme of crimson red roses and champagne. Easy peasy. I think. At least I hope so. I need to take a walk down Arab Street and Chinatown for some inspiration.

I also have a few friends who are expecting. 2 of whom, in between their morning sickness and stuffing themselves with foods they have been craving, requested me to design/print baby announcement cards for them.

What great friends I have!

I thrive on these creative sojourns. And with the past month's hellish office move, I need this break to keep my sanity. ~ Inspira

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mini said...

I can't wait to see them! :) Must post photos.