04 September 2008

New vs Old

It's the 4th working day in the new office.

Not a happy camper.

Here's why:-

(Images courtesy of circulating email headed "Extreme Budget Cuts & New Office Policies")

But seriously, I'm rather conflicted about the new working environment and am still trying to embrace the change.

Change is supposed to be good, no? ~ Inspira


mini said...

did you guys move to a smaller space? further location? or * gasp * switch to an open floor plan? <- my personal nightmare hehe

Inspira said...

Mini, smaller space - yes. Further - YES(!!) (but maybe I am too lazy to walk that far to a train station. Open plan - somewhat yes....sigh.....I actually have to work now...lmao. This may just be one that makes me throw in the towel. *gasp*

mini said...

I was so close to quitting this one time when we moved. Somehow my monitor ended up so that my back was facing the door and everyone walking past could see my screen. O.M.G. longest 2 days of my life.

Then I noticed some other ppl moving their desks around. Finally! I moved mine promptly haha!