15 June 2008

Not to be trifled with

I love playing with our kitchen gadgets.

Especially so, they allow me to be as creative as I can be with our desserts.

My version of the raspberry trifle was a hit at our Sunday brunch a few weeks ago thanks largely to the idiot-proof custard cream layers which I whipped up with my trusty mixer.

I'm on a hunt for a good-sized pot for stove and oven use. Any recommendations anyone? ~ Inspira


exp said...

look yummy.

i'd go for le creuset and corningware. the latter is cheaper but breakable.

mini said...

lecreuset but it's heeeavy

Inspira said...

Thanks! I was partial towards Le Creuset but was confused with the different brands in the market.

I reckon, a good, heavy and expensive pot will be a good investment if it means it'll last for a few years. Le Creuset it will be then. In red - to match our kitchen - I'm so crazy! :-P