17 June 2008

The Citi never sleeps

Or does it?

Personally, I think in my case put forth, it has slept. Dozed off, in fact.

Herein lies my frustration:

(1) Typo error as to my name in my cheque-book (it happens quite a lot I understand with the many applications they have to sift through but I KNOW I have neat script hand-handwriting for official documents/applications).

(2) 12 days on, I have yet to get my ATM card. M, it seems is also still waiting for his (we applied jointly, though there has never has been any error as to his name --> shouldn't he then, at least, get his ATM card by now?).

(3) After spending 20 minutes (in 2 separate calls on 2 different days) on hold, listening to elevator song (I mean really, the kind that makes you want to bang down the phone and get out of there), it seems that they cannot yet ascertain whether an application form for the ATM cards has been submitted!

C'mon people! I applied for an account, which, apart from the unique interest rates, offers free cheque-books for life, and an ATM card which allows customers to withdraw money on travels without having to pay administrative fees. Do you think, I will forget to sign anything that allows me/us to get those free?

To their credit:

(1) I did receive our new cheque book (with correct names) within 3 days --> which is pretty quick for any institution in this part of the world. (I bet you can detect my sarcasm just drooling out of me.)

(2) And the officer who returned my calls on both occasions I was about ready to kill someone, did manage to answer my questions in an efficient and precise manner.

Let's see how this pans out. ~ Inspira


exp said...

awful!!! having to deal with them again and again. and even when the service quality is at the bottom of the barrel, you can't really take your business elsewhere - because they are all freakingly the SAME!

i commiserate!

Inspira said...

I know! M and I are trying to consolidate and streamline our finances thus this new account. It's appalling though and I am about ready to scream that I really can't do anything much apart from THAT. Bleah.