18 June 2008

The Citi unfolds

So I got a call last night at 9.15.

First thing that came through my head was, wow, they actually bothered to call back even though it was already bordering late night.

Anyhoo, it HAS been ascertained that the application form for the ATM cards has been received, at the same time, the application form for the account was received.

So, you can guess where this led me to:

(1) How did the application form for the ATM cards go separate from the main application for the account opening?

(2) Why did they take more than 3 days from my initial complaint to find the application form?

(3) Why was M's ATM card withheld if his name was correct as per their records?

So, you bet at this point, I was in a full frame of mind arguing my case.

I gave them until 3.00pm today to come back with the full answers. They are not getting off as easily as they think.

And so, the story unfolds . . . . ~ Inspira


mini said...

Arghk i feel for you. customer service frustrates me so ... and my not having patience makes it worst :P

Inspira said...

Mini, yes. Thing is having worked yonks ago in sales/customer service, I know what it feels to be on the other side, so I try to keep my patience/frustration in check. But what is happening is beyond understanding and baffling! Frustrating without a doubt.

mini said...

We just have to take it up to the top since the CS people typically have no say, but that requires extreme patience and lots of time!! :P