20 June 2008

Runnin' Episode

M and I got a special courier delivery of our ATM cards last night.

Exactly 9.00pm. In front of our letterbox, upon our return from a much-deserved spa massage at our usual place (which, come next month, I'd have to travel to Buona Vista for, but . . . as usual, I disgress).

So, I find myself getting more and more frustrated with the way people work here. The way things are done. Take my episode with the Citi. Or M's continuous run-ins with a telecommunications company here (for those who subscribe to Cricket channel, you will understand the frustration M has gone through).

My latest frustration, if I may vent (sorry, it's a bit too late to go now that I've got into the 4th paragraph), is an episode with a cab driver. A cab driver!?!

If you have been on the island for the last 2 hours, you would know that it has been raining. Having woken up a little later than usual, I decided I wanted to take my time to get into the office thus my decision to hail a cab from the street (why call for one and pay extra when lots of cabs are plying the street?).

Fast forward 25 minutes later and I started wondering why the cab I was in, was in the middle lane when it should be on the 3rd lane (or left most lane) --> easier to drive into my office building's driveway, no?

So, upon my query, he answered, that he can't stop at that building? That's news to me! Why the 'eck not? I've been working in the building for so long, I think I would have got an email from the building management to know that no cabs or cars can pull up into the building. A building with a private driveway. (For the benefit of our overseas readers, motor vehicles can no longer stop to drop/pick passengers from buildings in the CBD with no private driveways).

So by now, we're like 50m past my office building and him still insisting that he could not have stopped at my office building. To top it all off, he wanted to turn into a street which is clearly a one-way street (you can guess that we're headed for the wrong direction).

Fuming mad by now, I made it clear to him that I've worked in the area for 10 years and know its streets well. I am a law abiding citizen ('eck, I buckle up first thing when I get into the cabs for safety reasons and my fear of being fined, of course. :-P), so please don't tell me that I can't stop at my own office building.

Now, I sort of feel guilty for giving the cab driver a piece of my mind. Why am I so ready to jump at the chance to argue at the first opportunity these days?

I need another breather. Thankfully, respite in London is in a week. ~ Inspira


Little Nutbrown Hare said...

No, no, no, you've not experienced frustrating customer service yet.

London is hardly a respite...

Inspira said...

LOL. That's just the tip of the iceberg which I am sure you know. And to me, London is respite, though I am sure it has its frustrations. lol.

exp said...

little nutbrown hare, thanks for stopping by. i love reading your blog.

inspira, my own tolerance level varies by the weather, the city, the length of my hair... perhaps a change of scenery is all we need :)

i'm desperate for a martini though

er... so much for non sequiturs...i think it's my bedtime