15 June 2008

Knobby Love

Our recent purchase of a bed frame, drove us to go on a purchase spree in London for bedlinen to fit our non-standard, non-conforming "old-new" Aussie mattress.

Oh...what a great time we had, walking down Tottenham Court Road, unearthing treasures. And a surprising find in Zara Home - a space in the well-known Spanish garb store, Zara - somewhere in Knightsbridge.

Whilst we decided not to purchase anything from Zara (Home or otherwise) due to its ridiculous reply of Zara Home and Zara not of the same "parentage" when we questioned why we would be charged twice for administration charges for VAT refund (then someone from the Corporate office please tell me why the hell are they operating in the same space technically with the entry to the Zara Home THROUGH Zara store?), I fell in love with the hand-painted porcelain knobs where they were sold under GBP5.00 each.

These from Knobsmacked, come close enough. Ahh . . . . sweet. ~ Inspira

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