11 January 2008

Island Home

Here's the thing.

When M and I first started our home hunt way back in May 2006, we knew that it was going to be temporary. We agreed that it was a stepping stone for a more permanent home, wherever that may be.

Because of the strict criteria we've laid out for ourselves, we knew that we had to start out with a smaller than usual budget for the purchase of the flat. Viewing after viewing. Locking our heads together. It was a joint purchase. After all the midnight discussions, weeklong arguments, we had the keys to our first home in August 2006.

The interior of our 1st home is purely experimental. It is a union of our own individual styles. Going through the renovation process together allowed us to stretch our imagination, capped only by our limited wallet size.

A year and a half later, we are still learning the ways of how each room in our home could and would work (and vice versa) to meet our habits and every needs.

At the end of the year, we will put in the paperwork to sell our current home and look for ourselves a new one. A permanent one. One that will work seamlessly for every single member of our family. Call it our Perpetual Island Home. ~ Inspira

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