11 January 2008



i'm back.

and whoa, that was newsflash indeed, i didn't know you were selling.

i'm inspired to work hard. a great way to start the new year. i have great news.

(a) people whom i don't expect to like me, like me (or my work)
(b) people who hates me, still do
(c) i have things to show for for my performance appraisal in september
(d) the rest of the things to show for depend on what happens in the next 7-8 months
(e) i got to see people who like me for who i am and what i do, and it was warm and fuzzy
(f) it's good to not realize you are married but still feel so attached to that someone and then 3 weeks of huddling together, realize that you are actually married to each other (makes sense?)
(g) i got a bonus that would have been 1.5 times my pay when i was fresh out of college but amounts to less than 50% of what i'm getting today - i don't know what to think of it, but hey, extra dough that's unexpected is pretty good.

hell yes, it's time to work my butt off. i'm inspired by the new year.


1 comment:

Inspira said...

Welcome back Exp - I missed you! :-) And yes, I totally get point (f) - you two are sweet it's making me feel fuzzy. . . .