30 August 2007


Exp asked me whilst having tea with our hubs last weekend whether we have decided where we're going. The itinerary of our impending Singapore-Paris-Berlin-Paris-London-Singapore trip.

It got me thinking for a while and then I exclaimed that we have not even bought our flight tickets - and we're supposed to be travelling on 19 October(!) Eeeek! The recent debucle over our Koh Samui trip comes to mind and I'm shuddering.

A few months ago, I was set on British Airways (Plan A). At a price that was not too shabby for all that multi-stops we are going to be doing. Then, fairly recently (ok, you got me there - it was last night), I may just book us tickets on Singapore Airlines' direct flight into Paris and return to Singapore from London's Heathrow. The British Airways' one-way flight from Paris into London will tally the total flight cost about $300 more than our original Plan A. I figure that S$300 is money well spent considering we'll save on the waiting time for connecting flights (about 4 hours) and the comfort of the flight.

Then M "announces" he may not want to take Singapore Airlines (--> can you tell already I'm exasperated after all that planning?) That is M's way of really retaliating for not being able to bid to be on the first A380 flight to Sydney on 25 October. The bereaucracy of the bid organisation etc.

I say, honey, f*%k 'em all and let's go to Paris. You can lodge a complaint later. ~ Inspira

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