28 August 2007

miranda and meg

sometimes, i just write this blog because i use it as a giant repository for things that are distracting me from working (my work involves equations and greek alphabets.)

i also use it as a great escape from the daily grind

then, i realized (fairly recently)

that "escaping from the daily grind" should really be the focus of my life - escaping should be about trying to overcome the blahs brought about by ambivalence, the inefficiencies, the burden bureaucracy imposes; escaping should be recycling negativity into inspiration

i should see myself as a garbage collector...

but i digressed, i meant to write about two women i admire -

have you read this by miranda july? i should.

i'm putting this down on my wish list...

Craft, Inc. is the hipster business primer for entrepreneurial crafters to turn what they do for fun into what they do for money.

Read more about Meg Mateo Ilasco here and here.
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